This one-day class is designed for individuals who desire information on the non-financial aspects of retirement.  The training will provide  and facilitate open discussions to help Federal employees think through and plan for the lifestyle differences inherent in retirement.  The training will help employees create plans for a more meaningful and fulfilling retirement and find their purpose and role in their new environment.  It will also cover the overall psychological aspect of retirement and the general life changes that are likely to occur.

Upon completion of the training, participants will have sufficient information to guide them through:

– Replacing functions related to working (usefulness, purpose, status, socialization),

– Where to retire,

– Relationships with your spouse,

– Maintaining health and fitness,

– Considering how relationships are likely to change with one’e spouse, family, and others,

– Focusing on the important of health and wellness strategies for establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,

– Exploring leisure interest, e.g., recreation, travel, etc., and

– Ongoing personal development.