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    On-Site Labor Relations Training Services

What We Do Really Well…

Labor relations training and consulting:

  • Basic & Advanced LR for supervisors and managers
  • Basic & Advanced LR for LR specialists and attorneys
  • Training management bargaining teams (optional bargaining simulations)
  • On and off-site assistance before and during negotiations:
    • Prepare management proposals
    • Analyze union proposals
    • Develop counter proposals
    • Serve as a bargaining team member
  • Assistance with third party proceedings
  • Training supervisors on contract administration
  • Briefings for senior leadership when new bargaining units are certified

Training for supervisors and managers:

  • We can deliver customized training to help agencies meet the OPM requirement to train new supervisors.
  • Specialty HR skills workshops and seminars:
    • Employee Relations
    • Planning for and Conducting a RIF
    • Performance Management
    • Position Classification
    • FLSA and FMLA
    • Managing Problem Employees or “Employees with Problems”
    • Pay Setting
    • and more
  • Leadership development and soft skills:
  • Customized leadership development seminars
  • Team Building
  • Effective (and almost stress-free) presentations
  • Effective Writing
  • Providing Feedback
  • Meeting Management
  • and more

Pre-retirement training for CSRS and FERS employees:

Our pre-retirement seminars fall in three general categories that are in line with the types of seminars the Government requires:

  • Early Career Training – the purpose of this training is to provide relatively new employees with information that will help them understand the Federal retirement system and develop their financial retirement goals.
  • Mid-Career Training – these session target employees eligible for retirement in 10-20 years. Same topics as Early Career plus creditable service, health and life insurance and long term care insurance.
  • Late Career Training – these seminars target employees eligible to retire in 5-10 years, touch on all topics in previous sessions plus add module on personal finances, health and psychological impact of retirement.