This course is designed for individuals who have been identified individually or as part of a cohort group as having high potential to assume leadership position.  This course will explore what it means to be a leader today; what are the challenges and opportunities. Managing/leading today means having the ability to get things done through people by bringing out the best in them. It also requires that the leader keep him/herself up and motivated in order to inspire others.   The ability to accomplish this requires a variety of skills: delegation, motivation and communication. This workshop will explore what it means to be a leader in today’s government environment, and will then introduce and build the skills needed to be a leader with impact (delegation, empowerment, communication, goal setting and alignment of goals.)   A major take-away at the conclusion of this 3-day course is the development of a personal action plan and path forward.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have increased knowledge and an understanding of:

– Various leadership styles, forms of communications and the process of using “self” as an effective leader and change agent in an organization,

– Individual personality profiles and how effective teams and groups value contributions from all styles,

– Conflict, the tools to prevent, manage, and/or resolve conflict between individuals and teams,

– How teams make and support consensus based decisions and building a sense of “community” within a team through decision making process,

– Essential team building skills through various team building exercises,

– How to involve multiple constituencies, build coalitions and collaborate across the team, agency, and organization, and

– Develop ways to access and utilize all the skills from the training and become an effective and contributing team member.