The course is designed for military and civilian supervisors and managers who need to understand the laws and regulations on Federal labor relations so they can deal effectively with bargaining unit employees and their union representatives.  Course length is 3 days but can be shortened to to 2.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the competencies necessary to:

– Explain common terminology involved in Federal labor relations programs,

– Articulate the union’s role in determining human resource management policies and working conditions under labor law and collective bargaining agreements,

– Establish and maintain a constructive working relationship with union representatives,

– Identify the rights f management, employees and unions,

– Understand the implications of an unfair labor practice charge and/or cease and desist order, and avoid and/or respond to the eventuality of such a charge or order,

– Demonstrate a clear understanding of the various types of conversations they cannot have with bargaining unit employees without union representation, and

– Define what constitutes a change in working conditions and what does not, and what is subject to bargaining and what is not.