This training  targets employees eligible for retirement in approximately 10-20 years.  The training addresses topics covered in the early career session and adds additional relevant topics.  Course length is 1 day but can be customized to be shorter or longer.

Upon completion of this training, participants will have useful information about:

– Why mid-career employees need to plan for retirement during the midpoint of their careers,

– Why developing a retirement plan at mid-career is important,

– The three keys to retirement for employees in this group:  Social Security, FERS basic benefit plan, and Thrift Savings Plan,

– Thrift Savings Plan investment and withdrawal options,

– Ways to maximize TSP accounts,

-= Social security and its importance for FERS employees in particular,

– Annuity computations,

– Understanding the amount of money that will be needed at retirement:  How much do you Need?  Understanding that it is a very individualized approach.  Developing goals and plans for a successful retirement,

– Financial planning considerations/strategies for mid-career employees – what employees should be focusing on today that will benefit them in retirement, e.g., the importance of portfolio diversification.