This training, for employees eligible to retire within ten years, touches on all previous course material topics plus those listed below.  The preferred approach would be to conduct a separate one-day session on CSRS and a one-day session on FERS and have day three cover topics of interest to both groups.  This approach can of be be adjusted to the needs of the client.

Additional topics include:

– Retirement eligibility under CSRS/CSRS-Offset, eligibility under FERS (including transfers from CSRS to FERS),

-Major steps in the retirement application process,

– Annuity computations under both retirement systems,

– Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and its effect on Federal retirement,

– Government Pension Offset (GPO) and its effect on Federal retirement,

– Survivor benefits for both retirement systems,

– Social Security considerations,

– Thrift Savings strategies,

– Health benefits and life insurance under retirement,

– Medicare,

– Protecting employees “nest eggs” using caution when investing accumulated wealth,

– Preparing a basic retirement financial plan,

– Tax implications of retirement annuities,

– Trust and estate planning,

– Income requirements at retirement,

– Pending legislation,

– Preparation/timeline for retirement – developing an exist strategy and making a smooth transition.