This course is designed for Pay Specialists, Human Resource Specialists, managers and other who need a basic understanding of pay administration.  The length of the course is 2 days but can be modified to 1.

Participants who complete the course will acquire a basic understanding of Federal pay setting, to include such topics as:

– Pay setting upon appointment,

– Recruitment bonuses,

– Advances in pay,

– Special salary rates,

– Highest previous rates,

– Pay setting upon position changes,

– Promotions,

– Relocation bonuses,

– Retention allowances,

– FWS to GS.

– Non-covered pay system to GS,

– Non-special rate to special rate,

– Special rate to non-special rate,

– Within-grade increases,

– Quality step increases,

– Grade and pay retention,

– Special rates, and

– Locality pay